Do I need to use a Broker?

Working with a Realtor can will bring knowledge, experience and expertise to the table.  We also have access to accurate  most up to date information that can help you make the right decisions.

Do I have to pay a commission or fee?

In most cases the seller is responsible for paying the commissions on a transaction which allows for free assistance for the buyer.  One more reason why you should always work with a Realtor.

When is the best time to buy?

The best time to buy can be based on many variables including your own personal reasons like growing family, new job or moving to a new town. The real question is "are you ready to buy?"

Do I need a down payment?

It is always a good decision to save as much as you can for a down payment but some lenders will allow 100% loans which means that they will finance  the entire amount of your purchase.  This could allow you to save your money or pay for other necessary items for your home purchase instead.  

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